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A plant by many names, pothos (also known as Devil's Ivy, Hunter's Robe, Money Plant, and Taro Vine) is a beautiful and popular houseplant. Its easy-to-grow nature makes it an ideal starter plant for any beginner, and its attractive heart-shaped leaves make it a staple for most experienced gardeners. If you want to brighten up a corner or add a natural air purifier to a certain room, then pothos is for you.


Care Instructions:

Sun: Bright to low, indirect light. Direct sunlight or too much light can cause washed-out leaf colour.

Water: Infrequently. The soil should be allowed to dry out for a short time in between watering (about once a week).

Fertilizer: Feed monthly or bimonthly with a liquid houseplant fertilizer.

Temperature and Humidity: Pothos prefers a constant temperature around 20° C, but can live at around 15° C if need be. Generally, pothos prefers high humidity, but can tolerate low humidity as well. If you are concerned about the amount of humidity your pothos is getting, you can regularly spritz the leaves with water to help.