Starter Gardener Package

Starter Gardener Package

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This is a package for the first time out gardener a nice assortment of veggies and herbs with a pack of marigold to help stay nematodes from susceptible plants like tomatoes and peppers. Perfect for a small family, couple, or single person to grow help offset grocery costs and dip your toe in gardening The average yield for lettuce can be 2 to 3 heads per plant, bell peppers average yield is 5 to 10 peppers per plant, cucumber yield is 10 to 20 per plant, average tomato will yield 20 to 30 per plant, carrots will produce an average of 5 to 10 per pack. The package we put together will on average yield $65 or more in value at the end of growing season. Perfect add on is our all treat 3 way mix for planting and a vegetable fertilizer both sold separate. 


1-4 cell pack of lettuce: plant 12" apart- row spacing:18" to 36" apart
1-4 cell pack of bell peppers: plant 18" to 24" apart- row spacing: 18" to 24" apart
1-Tomato plant: plant 18" to 24"- row spacing: 18" to 24" apart
1- broccoli plants: plant 18" apart- row spacing: 24" apart    1-onion  cell pack: plant 6" apart- row spacing: 6" apart      Free tomatillo plant with every package: plant 18" to 24" apart- row spacing: 36" to 48" 


1-Marigold 6 cell pack: plant 12" to 18" apart- row spacing: 12"                                                                                                  1-Oregano plant: plant in at least a 10" pot                            1-Rosemary or dill plant: plant in at least a 10" pot